8 Steps to Selling White Label Products: A Guide to Maximizing Sales

Remember, the best white label merchant services will have incredibly useful features to help you crush the competition and get as many merchants on board as you can. This can only happen if you have the freedom to have any merchant you want and your platform is robust enough with tons of useful features that attract them. Clients of this provider will get built-in fraud and chargeback prevention software.

Benefits of a white-label payment gateway

Customers may pay via a third-party gateway while utilizing the company’s brand name when employing a white-label payment gateway from a third party. Customers want to avoid paying through their digital wallets on an insecure payment platform. The rising need for increasing brand value under one roof is driven by consumers’ desire for a one-stop payment solution for various goods and services. Anyone who wants to accept payments online without having to spend time and money on maintenance.

Technologies used to Develop a Crypto Payment Gateway Processor

Ensure that the provider sells all of their gateway services directly to merchants—this should include the full breadth of services, including customer support and fraud prevention tools. The cost of creating your payment gateway will be high compared to adapting to the third-party payment gateway. We offer a well-equipped payment gateway where you do not have to work from scratch for accepting the digital payments.

Benefits of a white-label payment gateway

By using our certified PCI and EMV solution, you can reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on maintaining your payments. The main profit of our solution is that it may be purchased as a hosted and white-label environment, as well as licensed. You may start with a white-label instance and then upgrade to your own if you want to do so in the future. We’ll assist you in moving all of your data and servers over to your data centers.

SoftPOS: PayTabs Touch

It also allows you to make more money by selling branded products at a premium price. Additionally, it helps you to establish your brand as a reliable source for quality products. If you are the owner of a small eCommerce website, you probably don’t need white-label merchant processing services. But, if your business belongs to SaaS platforms, Payment Facilitators, ISOs, ISVs, Equity groups, or Investments Companies – a white label payment gateway might be the right solution for you. A white label payment gateway can provide a business with a variety of benefits.

If you try to improve your reputation and increase the number of customers, you can arrange a regular third-party gateway. Like Stripe, you may need some developer experience to white label payment gateway get the most out of the API, but customer support can assist with more basic customization. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

UniPay White Label Omni-Channel payment offering

And people talk about your brand and express interest in using your platform for payments. As a result, many megacorps will approach you for listing their crypto on your platform. You can charge a fee for doing this from the creator or the respective organization.

  • This can be done through a third-party payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe.
  • However, if your company belongs to SaaS providers, Payment Facilitators, ISOs, ISVs, Equity groups, or Investment Companies – a white-label payment gateway may be the ideal option.
  • We are an innovative payment processing and fraud prevention company that aims to help their clients increase revenue and profits with the help of advanced technologies.
  • This is particularly applicable to customers who have come to your website for the first time and need more clarification about the site’s credibility.
  • So, the white label payment gateway solutions are the best way to build a brand identity.
  • A white label payment gateway is a personalised form of payment solution that allows businesses to bring their brand into the picture while accepting payments online.
  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of security guidelines designed to protect cardholder information.

You can choose to go ahead with it based on the time they say it would take to turn it into a white-label payment gateway. For example, UniPay Gateway payment solution by United Thinkers is available in both hosted and licensed versions. If you are a startup company, your processing volumes are not very large, and the feature set you need is more or less standard, hosted version might be the best option for you. However, as your volumes grow and your needs become more sophisticated, you can take the whole solution in-house as a licensed product with open source code.

Benefits of a White Label Payment Gateway

You will receive a white-label solution with a complete card-present solution, including SoftPOS and remote key loading mechanisms. For instance, if now you have a department of 3 employees in charge of merchant onboarding, after its automation, one employee will be able to handle it. It can be expensive and in some cases, you will be actually wasting your time and resources on tools that are already available. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. It should be encrypted with the latest and most impenetrable technologies. All materials on payspacemagazine.com are for informational purposes only.

Benefits of a white-label payment gateway

This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. If your business functions as a Value Added Reseller , Independent Software Vendor , Independent Sales Organisation , or other type of reseller, a white label solution might be right for you. You do not require handling sensitive data while receiving payments, As PayCaps follow high-security standards. So, it will be easy to know the efficiency and working of the payment integration. We help you to add the acquiring banks and you with the system upon the request.

What are the drawbacks of using a white-label solution?

You may benefit from the original payment gateway by using a white-label payment gateway. They developed innovative solutions like Apple Pay and Android Pay with the help of third-party payment gateways that specialize in white-label solutions. For instance, an independent sales organization resells bank-issued merchant service, card payment terminals, and an eCommerce shop. Having a branded payment gateway is one approach to improve your brand’s visibility and exposure. Your clients will have a better opinion of you if you utilize the White Label solution.

The process of creating a secure and reliable payment gateway for Cryptocurrencies is defined as Crypto payment gateway development. Coinsclone has a skillful in-house team to develop a blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway that aids in replacing traditional payment systems. At Coinsclone, we offer all sorts of crypto payment gateway development solutions and we tailor them based on the requirements of our clientele. Be it development from scratch or white-label crypto payment gateway, we are masters in both. Once you start selling white label products in your store, it is important to track data such as sales numbers and customer feedback. This will allow you to identify areas where you can optimize your store in order to increase sales.

By processing, I accept terms of Akurateco Service and confirm that I have read Akurateco’s Privacy Policy. Basically, a white-label solution is a product/ service developed according to the given specifications by the third party to sell to others. New players are coming into the space vying for your customer’s attention.

Benefits of a white-label payment gateway

This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Your money will be immediately refunded, https://xcritical.com/ and you can sit back to carry on with the shopping. Your brand will be included on all merchant statements and API documentation.

White-Label Payments: How Do They Work?

A white label payment gateway is a personalised form of payment solution that allows businesses to bring their brand into the picture while accepting payments online. In simple terms, you can add your company’s logo and customize the payment experience for easy brand recognition with a white label payment gateway. However, you are not ready to face all the necessary requirements and upfront costs all at once. Or, maybe, you want to become a payment gateway provider for your respective customers. In this case, you do not necessarily have to start building a payment gateway solution from scratch.

It also creates a smooth checkout experience for the end customer and improves your brand’s reputation. As the number of available white-label payment service providers grows by leaps and bounds, it might be challenging to find a trustworthy one. Lyra’s white label solution offers merchants the ultimate power to utilize the existing product and mold it according to their business requirements. Feel free to consult our payment experts at unipaygateway.com to learn, which white label payment solution flavor works best for your specific business model.

The consumer uses your website or mobile app to complete the purchase and make a payment. Please do not panic; we have things under control to help you make an educated decision. 3.49% plus 49 cents for Venmo (U.S. only), transactions in non-U.S. You gain access to an additional passive revenue stream not available to most businesses.

Now that the customers know it’s the same merchant they are paying, they tend to feel more confident and reassured. Contrary to popular belief, white-label payment gateways are not just limited to big brands with more budget or startups with the “unicorn” tag. A personalized payment gateway will draw attention to your brand and its identity whenever a customer completes a payment. Be it landing on your website, browsing through different products, or paying for them, consumers will be exposed to your brand’s logo and theme throughout the entire process.

Benefits of a white-label payment gateway

Brand equity is the financial value that the brand adds to the company. With the help of our white label service, you will be able to enhance your brand equity. White-label solutions are often more cost-effective than building your own system from scratch. The main reason is that they do not require a long integration process.

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