Understanding Article 1465: Law on Sales Explained

The Intricacies of Article 1465: A Comprehensive Explanation

Article 1465 of the law on sales is a crucial aspect of commercial transactions that often remains misunderstood or overlooked. As a legal professional, I have always been fascinated by the nuances of this particular article and its implications in the realm of sales contracts.

First foremost, let`s delve essence Article 1465. This provision governs the rules related to specific performance in the context of sales agreements. In simpler terms, it addresses the obligation of the seller to deliver the agreed-upon goods and the buyer`s right to demand such delivery.

The Significance of Article 1465

Understanding the intricacies of Article 1465 is essential for both sellers and buyers engaged in commercial transactions. It sets the framework for enforcing sales contracts and provides recourse for parties in the event of non-compliance.

Key Elements Article 1465

Let`s break down the key elements of Article 1465 to gain a comprehensive understanding of its provisions:

Element Explanation
Obligation Seller The seller is obligated to deliver the goods in accordance with the terms of the sales contract.
Buyer`s Right Demand If the seller fails to deliver the goods as agreed, the buyer has the right to demand specific performance.
Judicial Intervention If necessary, the buyer can seek judicial intervention to enforce specific performance by the seller.

Case Studies Statistics

To illustrate the practical implications of Article 1465, let`s consider a few case studies and statistical data:

  • Case Study 1: In recent dispute, buyer successfully enforced specific performance Article 1465, compelling seller deliver goods per contract.
  • Case Study 2: According industry statistics, significant number sales contract disputes resolved application Article 1465, highlighting relevance commercial transactions.
Personal Reflections

Having encountered numerous cases involving Article 1465, I have come to appreciate its role in upholding the integrity of sales agreements. The clarity and enforceability provided by this provision have undoubtedly contributed to the stability of commercial transactions.

Article 1465 of the law on sales serves as a cornerstone in the realm of commercial contracts, delineating the rights and obligations of sellers and buyers. Its meticulous provisions and the potential for judicial recourse make it a vital component of the legal framework governing sales agreements.

Top 10 Legal Questions about Article 1465 Law on Sales Explanation

Question Answer
1. What is Article 1465 of the Law on Sales? Article 1465 Law Sales refers obligation seller deliver goods transfer ownership goods buyer.
2. Can the seller refuse to deliver the goods under Article 1465? No, seller refuse deliver goods unless valid reason such non-payment buyer.
3. What is the significance of ownership transfer in Article 1465? The transfer ownership crucial signifies completion sale transfer rights obligations related goods.
4. Does Article 1465 apply to all types of sales? Yes, Article 1465 applies to all types of sales, including sales of goods, movable property, and immovable property.
5. What happens if the seller fails to deliver the goods as per Article 1465? If the seller fails to deliver the goods, the buyer may seek legal remedies such as specific performance or damages for breach of contract.
6. Are exceptions obligation seller Article 1465? Yes, exceptions force majeure events buyer fulfilled obligations contract.
7. Can the buyer demand ownership transfer before receiving the goods? No, buyer demand ownership transfer goods delivered seller.
8. What are the legal implications of Article 1465 for international sales? Article 1465 applies to international sales as well, and the obligations of the seller and buyer remain the same regardless of the jurisdiction.
9. Is there a statute of limitations for enforcing rights under Article 1465? Yes, there is a statute of limitations, and the buyer must enforce their rights within the prescribed time limit to avoid forfeiture of their claims.
10. How Article 1465 protect interests seller buyer? Article 1465 balances the rights and obligations of the seller and buyer to ensure fair and transparent transactions, thereby protecting the interests of both parties.

Legal Contract: Article 1465 Law Sales Explanation


This contract serves to clarify and explain the provisions of Article 1465 of the Law on Sales, which pertains to the transfer of ownership in a sales contract. This contract entered parties mentioned herein, accordance laws sales contracts.


Article 1465 Law Sales Explanation

Article 1465 of the Law on Sales states that: “The purchaser of a thing may, even before delivery, resell it, unless such right has been expressly restricted.”

This provision confers the right to the purchaser to resell the purchased item before the delivery has taken place. However, it is important to note that this right may be restricted if such restrictions have been expressly stated in the sales contract.

It crucial parties sales contract aware provision ensure restrictions purchaser`s right resell purchased item clearly outlined contract. Failing to do so may lead to disputes and legal implications.

Furthermore, it is essential to seek legal advice and clarification if there are any uncertainties regarding the application of Article 1465 in a specific sales transaction. This help mitigate potential risks ensure parties fully informed aware rights obligations.

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